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Reinventing wellbeing: World Mental Health Day

At Delta Capita, we do everything we can to support our employees with physical and mental well-being, including those facing mental health issues. Today is World Mental Health Day, therefore raising awareness and reducing stigmas around this topic is more pivotal than ever. Listening to our colleagues’ experiences is one important way we can do this.


Earl Brown, Manager

Mental health is the heartbeat of my wellbeing. It's not just about keeping mental illnesses at bay. It's about nurturing a resilient and positive mindset at my core.

Mental health is a daily practice of mindful living, immersing myself in the present, and relishing life's simplest pleasures like walking my dogs. It's about having the emotional and psychological tools to navigate challenges with courage and grace.

It's understanding that feelings - bubbling joy, gentle melancholy, fiery anger, or quiet anxiety - are not intruders but companions on this human journey. It’s okay to express these feelings, and let them flow freely.

Mental health is also taking moments to be kind to myself, practice mindfulness, and nurture my inner. It's recognising when I need a breather - a solitary moment of contemplation, a wander through nature, or a conversation with a professional when the path seems tangled.

Mental health also weaves tightly with the quality of my relationships. It's about building connections with loved ones - rooted in trust, empathy, open-hearted communication, and a two-way street for seeking and offering support.

Reducing the stigma around mental health is paramount. Seeking help is a mark of courage and commitment to your wellbeing, not weakness. Mental health is about advocating for a society where everyone can access the care and support they need without judgment.

Mental health is a daily adventure in self-discovery and growth - pursuing equilibrium, nurturing resilience, and finding inner tranquillity. It's a deeply cherished and unwavering priority in my life.

Sylvia Ingle, AVP

Well-being, to me, is this quiet contented state I can fall into no matter what is happening around me. As years have passed, I started to understand that ‘around me’ includes all my surrounding circumstances, and my body, thoughts, and past and future.

Every time I fall into quiet contemplation of who this ‘me’ is, I can find all the answers I seek.

The more time I spent discovering this me, that is not my body or my thoughts, the kinder I am to my body and thoughts. For example, I can see how all my decisions, however bad, were made from my understanding of this true me at the time. This allows me to feel kindness and compassion towards myself.

This state of quiet reflection is my tool for well-being. I can use it no matter where I am or what I do. I am beginning to see the richness life offers; and to feel like the eye of a storm - a place of calm in the centre of a hurricane of thoughts and circumstances.

Reinventing support

2023 World Mental Health Day encourages everyone to recognise that mental health is a universal human right. At Delta Capita, we endorse this right. We want all our employees to feel included and supported - no matter what physical or mental health challenges they may face - so they can feel happier and get the best from their life and work.

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