Cyber Security Offering

Delta Capita is the Financial Services arm of Prytek. The Delta Capita Cyber practice leverages our Financial Services and technical expertise and combines this with expertise from the Prytek Cyber division.  In this fast-growing area, Delta Capita has developed unique propositions to meet client demand working with top-tier banks, other financial institutions and market infrastructure providers.

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What we do

We partner with our clients to enhance their cyber security capabilities by identifying and considering ways in which our technology and services can add value throughout.

Our Experts

Philip Freeborn
Board Level Education

Educate board members about cyber risks

Educate the Boards of Banks, Financial Institutions and Market Infrastructure Providers in understanding their cyber risks and run simulations to enable them to practice their response to cyber attacks.

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Education & Phishing

Protect your team from cyber attacks

We provide courses for the general population, IT generalists, Risk, and IT Security. These courses are backed up by benign phishing attacks that reinforce the learning.

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Cyber Control Implementation

Establishing cyber controls

Assisting clients with the implementation of cyber controls and establishing Security Operations Centres (SOCs).  Management of cyber remediation and DevSecOps best practice.

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SoC as a Service

Lower your operational risk

We leverage our knowledge of trends in the cyber world across multiple clients, to provide the benefits of a mutualised managed service, lowering operational risk and providing the service at a very competitive price point.

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Cyber Academy

Have the best cyber team in place

We work with our clients to fill the significant global skills shortage in skilled cyber staff at all levels.

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How we can help


How we do it

We collaborate with our clients by co-creating propositions that meet our clients' requirements. This includes working on everything from board level, setting cyber risk appetite, advisory, incident simulation, education and benign phishing attacks, Security OperationsCentre of Excellence creation and support, SME support, provision of diverse trained cyber resources globally, cyber controls, cyber gap analysis and remediation. 

We also supply secure solutions for emerging Banking, Financial Institutions and Market Infrastructure providers using digital assets, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and tokenisation. 


Our Expertise

We bring together specialist consultants with years of both cyber and banking industry experience. Our cyber team leverages subject matter experts with decades of cyber experience across defence and intelligence communities. We are also able to leverage one of the world’s largest cyber training platforms.

We have the capability to provide fit for purpose teams and individuals at various levels of seniority and expertise, ranging from entry level Cyber Analysts, Cyber Business Analysts, Project Managers and Senior Cyber Subject Matter Directors.

SOC2 certification

SOC 2 Security Standards

Delta Capita completed an independent audit, with the support of Strike Graph, confirming Delta Capita's controls related to its information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations met the rigorous SOC 2 standards for security as developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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