Karbon CLM Platform

The digital client lifecycle management (CLM) platform that automates, provides visibility and streamlines our clients time-consuming processes and reduces cost.

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Cut your CLM operating and tech costs by up to 40% with Karbon. The AI-driven CLM platform empowers financial institutions to make time-consuming processes and reduce costs.


A CLM platform

The expert-led digital client lifecycle management (CLM) platform empowers financial institutions to automate time-consuming processes and reduce costs.

The Karbon Portal supports our Managed Service with clear case and entity management, integrated with our client outreach and ID&V offerings and full API integration capability.
Karbon outreach and Identity Verification is available as modular offerings, allowing their platform components to be seamlessly integrated into an existing client platform via an API or, if preferred, as a standalone tool to enhance a client’s existing experience.

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Karbon Outreach

Karbon Outreach

Digitising the customer outreach journey through our Karbon Outreach platform. Karbon Outreach enables operational efficiencies and accelerates onboarding whilst facilitating a frictionless experience for end-customers.


Digital Branded End Client Portal

A browser-based end client portal with your corporate branding.
Consolidated end client outreach task list with individual task submissions.
Secure multi-factor authenticated end user access.


Online Forms & Questionnaires

Fully configurable online forms and questionnaires.
Simple document upload submissions and recertification.
View and downloadable informative documents and one way letter provision.


Operations Dashboard & MI Reporting

Customisable dashboard and metrics.
Configurable MI widgets.


Stand-alone & API integrated model

Stand-alone browser-based analyst portal for client entity, case and workflow creation and management.
Full API for automated integration with internal or Delta Capita onboarding case management systems.


Outreach workflows & tasks

Multiple outreach workflows and task sets to support your various legal, regulatory and onboarding requirements.
Conditional logic to select the relevant tasks for the client based on relationship, product and service type.


Online Support Messaging & Comments

On portal secure messaging between your end clients and your analysts.
Private comment capability between multiple end users.


Lifeness & Biometric Identity Verification

Mobile identity document scanning and OCR.
Mobile lifeness checks and biometric identity verification.


Analyst Submission Review & Approval

Task submission notifications.
Upload and online form review, feedback and approval.
Task cancellation, case suspension or approval.

Karbon IDV

Karbon Identity Verification

Control your user’s Ongoing identity verification process.
The most important asset of the financial institution or any other entity is the customer, making a customer-centric approach vital, even after the onboarding process is complete. Your organisation needs to manage the identity of the customer throughout their lifecycle in the organisation, managing customers’ lists and data seamlessly and without error. Delta Capita’s Karbon ID&V platform is a state-of-the-art tool providing identity management across business units and service channels, both at scale and in real time.            

  • Seamless Integration
  • Digital File Mastery
  • All-round biometrics
  • Continuous Identity Care
  • Stay Updated
  • Always-on Verification
  • Background Vigilance
  • Custom List Management

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Karbon Portal

Delta Capita have developed our CLM expert-led proprietary Karbon Portal as the DC conduit for full CLM managed services provision (operations and technology) service.

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Customer Onboarding

Clear case and entity management based on our CLM Managed Service policy which allows for configuration of different client needs.

Products Integration

Integrated to our Karbon Outreach and Identity Verification offering (See below). This streamlines the client outreach ID&V process, via a secure and fully auditable platform. Enables clients to quickly provide and complete requests forms.

Screening Escalations

Ongoing screening escalation capability with the screening provider of your choice.

Dashboard & Reporting

User friendly dashboards, including managed service governance and ad-hoc reporting, including a complete entity profile report management

API Integration

Full API integration capability allowing clients to integrate to any of their internal applications, like document management, CRM systems.

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