Delta Capita is reinventing Consulting by harnessing the experience of proven industry executives to a best-in-class change delivery engine. Our end-to-end consulting and solutions model is backed up by a high-quality delivery capability.

Delta Capita also provides consultants focused on resource augmentation which forms part of it’s Operate business, for Corporate & Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers & Financial Markets Infrastructure.

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What we do

With our support, clients can transform current processes, technology and support services into externally-provided managed services to achieve great results.

Regulatory Compliance

The Cost of Non-compliance

Delta Capita can help lift your regulatory compliance burden with optimal solutions customised for your organisation.
Our team can support you through the entire lifecycle of regulatory demands, including

  • Horizon scanning and alerts
  • Business and operating model impact analysis
  • Benchmarking and business case definition
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Regulatory operating model design
  • Project implementation – requirements and solution design
  • Repapering and outreach
  • Regulatory control frameworks
  • Regulator responses and reviews
  • Independent audits and QA

Technology Solutions

At Delta Capita, we assist our clients by critically assessing their technology platforms and internal services, allowing them to allocate scarce resources to areas that differentiate them from competitors.

With our support, clients can transform current processes, technology and support services into externally-provided managed services to achieve the following results. Lower existing fixed costs. Reduce permanent headcount. Remove barriers to entry to new markets. Increase the quality of services. Access cutting-edge technology (without large capital investment). Release value from existing assets.

We offer solutions around Technology Strategy / Advisory, Solution Design, Technology selection / business case, Implementation / Integration, Automation / Emerging Technology.
Data & Automation

Make the most of your data

Our team of data experts apply proven, advanced analyses to your data assets. Using the most up-to-date, advanced analytical methods, we use data to find the potential to enhance business processes, reduce operational costs and risks, and fundamentally, make better decisions.

Without overcomplicating problems, we will advise on the bigger picture and provide tailored advice and solutions to help turn your company into a data-led organisation. We will support you in deriving the full value from your data assets and differentiate, reduce cost and improve processes working side by side with you.

We also provide training to demystify data science and have proprietary solutions around both model explainability (DC/MINT) and model compression (DC/Compression).

Strategy & Target Operating Model

Facilitating the future of finance

At Delta Capita, we help clients rethink their organisations, redefining essential delivery of added value for the customer and redesigning the essential customer experience. This enables more innovation, faster time-to-market and value-chain optimisation. At Delta Capita, we believe in innovative solutions that realise sustainable improvements.

We specialise in:

  • Introducing an agile organisational philosophy
  • Rethinking the capability model
  • Delayering organisations
  • Introducing way-of-working
  • Value chain enhancement

Agile Organisational Philosophy

Introduced into your business



The capability model



Complex organisations



A better way-of-working



The value chain

Performance Improvement

Changing the landscape

At Delta Capita, we help our clients to improve their performance, by adding innovation and reinventing their business. Guided by broad expertise and extensive practical experience, we determine the optimal course of action and work with organisations towards an excellent result for a better-performing organisation. Supported by intelligent technology, we offer a wide range of performance improvement solutions
  • Double digits cost take out
  • Value stream digitisation
  • Cost saving in overhead activities
  • Continuous improvement
  • Product and Market enhancement
  • Change & portfolio optimisation
Project & Programme Delivery

Delivering Transformation

  • Project and Programme Management - extensive experience in designing, building, implementing, and maintaining governance frameworks.
  • Project Recovery -  we help our clients address underlying issues in a structured way and work actively to resolve risks & issues.
  • PMO - Our ethos has been to develop an integrated project delivery function that is aligned with client success and project goals.
  • Quality Assurance - We manage, execute and support testing across the full front to back, end-to-end delivery lifecycle.
Agile Transformation

Agents of Change

At Delta Capita, we help our clients achieve the strategic transformation they need through a combination of advisory and delivery services.


Strategic Advisory

We are uniquely placed to be your strategy-thinking partners as you chart your course. Our services include

  • Business model reviews across client segments, asset classes, products and geographies
  • Sourcing model reviews across provider types and geographies
  • Utility and mutualised processing platform evaluations
  • Workforce restructuring
  • Transformation programme design

Strategic Delivery

At Delta Capita, we offer end-to-end change projects led by industry experts.  We can help you with

  • Increasing revenue through new products, new market strategies and platform design.
  • Reducing costs through workforce strategising, legal entity simplification and operating model redesign.
  • Increasing efficiency through resource productivity, process optimisation and productivity-technology implementation.