Our Services

DC provides core services to Investment and Wholesale Banks, Asset Managers and Market Infrastructure providers.
Our services focus on providing full Mutualised Managed Services, operated by Delta Capita, to enable our clients to transform their business and realise cost efficiencies in areas that are core but not differentiating.
We have extensive banking, technology and operational expertise which allows us to both run and transform clients’ operational infrastructure.

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What we do

We support clients in transforming current processes, technology and support services, in order to lower existing fixed costs.

Our Experts

Dominic Amura
Chris Platt
Philip Freeborn

We deliver our services in four different ways to maximise the benefit for our clients.

Team Augmentation

People based services

The provision of our staff to support the client’s existing teams, during periods of high volume or capacity challenges. Both the staff and the outcome is managed by the client, in line with their requirement.

Outcome Based Delivery

Managed Teams

The provision of a full team, managed by our experienced Project Managers (or equivalent), deployed to the client to achieve a pre-determined outcome.

Mutualised Managed Service

Managed Services

The provision of our staff, operating our proprietary technology, to deliver an ongoing service to support our client’s business challenges.


Software as a Service

Delta Capita provides technology services in a range of formats:

- we can provide our tech for our clients to use in house with their people;
- we house the client's team while they still operate on the clients technology;
- we run both the clients people and their technology;
- we only house the clients technology and run it for the client.

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