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At Delta Capita, we leverage our vast experience within financial services and market-leading technologies to solve complex, business critical problems using technology to deliver outstanding value across a multitude of domains.

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What we do

Our Technology solutions provide deep technical expertise, from solution design to technology selection and implementation, whilst working with best-in-class technologies to solve client challenges.


Structured Products and Derivatives

inSPire provides a unique range of tools to support structured products manufacturers through the issuance process, platform management, product governance and full lifecycle support. Out team of experts and specialist technology is used by many of the leading structured product issuers to reduce the strain on their resources and benefit from industry standards and mutualisation.

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Documentation Services

An integrated documentation solution, combining SMEs alongside manual drafting and automation capabilities.  Delta Capita offers a comprehensive document drafting service supporting manual drafting, update and filing processes for legal programmes, including annual updates, liaising with internal/external stakeholders. Our drafting services leverage the inSPire platform for request tracking and MI on service levels and performance.

  • Programme Management
  • Template Development
  • Automation Controls
  • Continuous Automation
  • IT Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Multi-Vendor Solutions
  • Exception Management and Approval
  • Manual Drafting

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KYD Due Diligence

Delta Capita inSPire Due Diligence provides desk support services to structured product issuers working alongside sales, legal and compliance teams to accelerate distributor onboarding times and streamline periodic due diligence requirements for Know Your Distributor, Know Your Counterparty and Distribution Agreement deliverables.


Know Your Distributor (KYD)

On-demand access to industry standard, distributor Due Diligence Questionnaires. Data & MI exchange platform to evidence Target Market Assessment, Consumer Duty, and feedback. Support for bespoke issuer due diligence questions in a single consolidated distributor outreach.


Know Your Counterparty (KYC)

On-demand access to counterparty KYC questionnaires and documentation. Easy access to the inputs your KYC function requires.


Distribution Agreements (DAs)

our team coordinates the DA drafting, playbook driven negotiating support and signing process. Run in parallel to KYC and KYD Process to accelerate turnaround time and maximise efficiency.



Counterparty adverse and regulatory news screening. Historic reporting and ongoing daily alerts.


Market Research

Our structured products expert produces independent market research and analysis to support new business approvals, market entry and product design.


Cutting-edge technology to service your business

Cut your CLM operating and technology costs by up to 40% with Karbon. Our AI-driven CLM platform empowers financial institutions to automate time-consuming processes and reduce costs across the CLM process.  

Karbon is a proprietary, end-to-end, intelligent CLM platform that provides data sourcing, data integration, workflow, and screening through a rules-driven engine. The Platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and streamline the KYC (Know Your Client) process. It can be integrated into existing client and vendor systems or used as a standalone tool. Karbon is a complete solution and includes customer onboarding, data sourcing, workflow engine, profile enrichment, digital outreach, identify management, screening, KYC risk scores, policy controls, reporting and dashboarding.

Delta Capita powers its CLM managed service utlising the Karbon platform.

karbon assets
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The Karbon Suite


Karbon Outreach

Enhance your client outreach capability and increase digital penetration, live with over 80 clients.


Karbon Data

A global data source aggregator and integrator with over 500 primary and 85 million secondary data sources covering 120 countries.



Chinese and Hong Kong corporate KYC record that can be integrated into an organsations' KYC process.


KYC Data Sourcing

Karbon, Delta Capita’s proprietary intelligent CLM platform, empowers organisations to save costs by automating time-consuming processes through robotics, data sourcing, rules-driven workflow and analytics. To work efficiently, organisations need tools that can digitise their client onboarding processes to scale, allowing them to streamline and enhance the overall client experience. Sourcing KYC data on-demand with the flexibility to incorporate specific AML/KYC requirements as they change, in-line with new policy and regulatory requirements, is becoming crucial for staying competitive. Karbon’s advanced data source aggregator and integrator provide real-time primary and secondary sources on-demand. The data source management is fully configurable, requiring no new code to be added, making it easy and fast to add new sources and mutualise with internal sources, both structured and unstructured.

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Reduce onboarding delays and expedite the outreach completion.

Digitising the customer outreach journey through our Karbon Outreach platform. Karbon Outreach enables operational efficiencies and accelerating onboarding whilst facilitating a frictionless experience for end-customers.  

Karbon Outreach is a browser-based end-client portal with your corporate branding, with consolidated end client outreach task list with individual task submission. The platform is fully configurable with online forms and questionnaires for client entity, case and workflow creation and management. Clients value the ability to easily configure the application and create customisable dashboards & metrics. Secure multi-factor authenticated end-user access.  

Karbon Outreach also can enhance your IDV process with biometric client, liveness, dynamic OCR and individual authentication, it provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.

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Karbon8 - Collect KYC Data on China and Hong Kong-based Entities in Minutes


QMA offers the financial services industry significant operational and client experience benefits using advanced digital communication workflow management.

QMA is an intelligent workflow management tool specifically designed to enable operations and service teams to seamlessly manage and prioritise high volumes of email, chat and other digital communications. QMA enables enhanced management of team capacity and highlights opportunities for process improvement.

QMA enables users to manage and prioritise inbound communications from multiple channels in a single location. QMA’s access to real-time data has provided transparency on high-volume email response times and team capacity to reduce duplicative efforts and manual touchpoints:

  • Use machine learning to reduce the number of inbound communications through auto-assignment to the most suitable internal recipient
  • Resolve emails quicker via auto-response features using natural language processing and through data insights from API connectivity
  • Enhance client service by reducing SLAs through quicker response and resolution time
  • Integrate with financial services' transaction data to streamline process

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Reduce response & resolution times to clients
Decrease volume of emails

Reduce emails with customizable tools and automated assignment AI to reduce email volume up to 40%


Reduce duplicative effort on emails with team collaboration tools

Data insights

Trends on how your teams are performing and how your clients are interacting with you

Reduced time spent on communications

Save between 10-40% of the time your teams spent on digital communications

QMA Service Areas


Capital Markets

Markets Ops, Middle Office, Settlements, Payments, Custody Operations, Issuer Services, Asset Servicing, Margin, Funds Administration


Retail Banking

Account Opening, Client Operations, Payments


Private Bank & Wealth Management / Asset Management

Account Onboarding, Client Maintenance, Banking & Lending Ops


Commercial & Wholesale Banking

Account Onboarding, Client Maintenance, Banking & Lending Ops, Fraud Case Management



Account Opening, Claims Fulfilment, Client Operations


Corporate Services

Technology, Information Security, Acces Management, Legal, HR, Compliance, Procurement


Distributed Ledger Technology

Delta Capita’s DLT workflow engine is tightly integrated with our ledger and wallet technology.  This enables very efficient design, test and execution of complex asset servicing processes.  Our team of experts assist our clients through the implementation process to realise the substantial benefits that this technology offers.

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