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Delta Capita’s MACH Distributed Ledger solution allows Financial Institutions to unlock the power of innovative technology across valuable opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced security.

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Our industry-leading technology, coupled with our deep understanding of the Capital Markets landscape, allows us to design transformational solutions for our clients, whilst helping to solve existing business and cost challenges. We also enable their journey towards new digital instrument adoption and participation in new digital market infrastructures.


Distributed Ledger Technology

Delta Capita’s MACH Distributed Ledger solution is tightly integrated with our workflow engine and event streaming technology.  This enables the efficient design, implementation and execution of complex transaction processing.

Our team of experts guides our clients through the implementation process of our MACH product suite: Optimise, Tokenise, Ledger, Assign, Pass, and Bridge, to realise the substantial benefits of bespoke solutions.

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The financial industry faces growing challenges with its post-trade operational platforms – from continuous regulatory and industry reform delivered on outdated legacy systems to operating cost pressures and resource constraints.  

With Delta Capita’s private, permission distributed ledger technology, you can clear and settle instantly, making your operations more cost-effective and efficient.   

Our settlement platform MACH Optimise is easy to adopt, scalable, functionally rich, and flexible. Designed with the highest levels of integration and interoperability, it offers seamless connectivity to traditional financial industry networks such as SWIFT (ISO15022/ISO20022) and emerging distributed ledger programming languages.


Delta Capita’s MACH Tokenise solution allows ownership interests, asset mobility and velocity to be enhanced. The tokenisation of assets enhances liquidity, reduces friction in financial transactions opening new opportunities to further reduce operational risk, costs & reconciliations. 

Our Tokenisation solution can quickly be deployed to coexist with existing asset or collateral infrastructures. This allows minting, transferring, locking, and burning of tokens while retaining control over the underlying traditional asset pledged against respective tokens, realising a reduction in transaction costs and an improvement in operational efficiency & liquidity.


MACH Ledger

Maintaining fragmented databases of transactions, customer information, and reference data can be complex, costly, and labour-intensive. Delta Capita’s distributed ledger technology reduces reconciliation costs and improves data quality by consolidating disparate databases onto a single multi-ledger platform.  

Our platform spans organisations and participants, allowing them to process a single transaction just once, simplifying data structures and reducing operational complexity.


The current digital custody landscape comes with many challenges – from the differing approaches and strategies around the management of digital assets to uncertainties in the regulatory and legal environment.  

Delta Capita’s Digital Issuance and Digital Custody solution, MACH Assign, gives you the capability to issue digital assets (security or cash tokens) and perform ongoing management throughout the assets lifecycle – Delivery versus payment (DVP), atomic transactions, asset servicing, custody – without compromising on security.  



Regulated documents stored on DLT can be used to accelerate KYC checks on an ongoing basis, whilst remaining secure. Our DLT solution provides a decentralised and transparent framework, enabling the creation and storage of digital passport records. This eliminates the need for centralised authorities and minimises the risk of data breaches or identity theft. 

Integrating KYC onto Delta Capita’s DLT solution MACH Pass offers several advantages. We can enhance KYC procedures by streamlining data sharing between financial institutions and regulators, reducing administrative overhead, and improving automation of compliance processes. Our solution ensures secure and immutable storage of KYC data, enhances privacy and trust while preventing data tampering. Implementing our solution can revolutionise the customer onboarding experience and facilitate regulatory compliance in a cost-effective manner.


Our DLT interoperability solution benefits financial institutions by facilitating seamless data sharing, faster transactions, and expanded market access. It reduces costs, enhances transparency, and fosters collaboration within the industry, leading to increased efficiency and a more interconnected financial ecosystem. 

Delta Capita’s DLT interoperability solution Bridge provides the capability to connect different DLT platforms to interact, share data, and collaborate seamlessly. Our technology addresses the challenge of diverse DLT systems coexisting and functioning cohesively. MACH Bridge enables users to choose suitable implementations for specific problems without constraints on a system's ability to interact with others. Achieving interoperability removes data and value silos, enabling efficient information exchange among various DLT networks.

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