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With the new Dutch WTP regulations approaching, pension managers face balancing returns, administration, risk, and participant communication. Delta Capita provides WTP-centric services and technology for a smooth transition. Amid these unprecedented challenges in the pension landscape, Delta Capita's exceptional expertise and innovation are the key. We stand ready to help, offering tailored solutions that achieve agility, automation, and savings, all aligned to facilitate the WTP transition seamlessly and prioritise the best interests of the participants.

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Delta Capita stands ready to support pension managers in the WTP transition, enhancing agility, process automation and cost savings to better serve participants.


How Delta Capita can help

  • Strategy Translation & Change Roadmap
  • Participant Communication Strategies
  • Pension Technology Solutions
  • Data Management & Migration
  • Managed Pension Operations (DB and DC)
  • Transformation Leadership in Pensions
  • Managing alliances and integrations

Delta Capita is dedicated to assisting pension funds, asset managers, and pension fund service providers in adapting to the new pension legislation.

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Strategy Translation and Change Roadmap

We can translate your pension strategy into a comprehensive overview of the new business model canvas, outlining detailed components. This forms the foundation for a change roadmap, guiding your organisation through the crucial transition phases of the new pension system.

Participant Communication

We create and implement communication strategies that center on participants' needs and understanding. Our tailored solutions ensure effective communication, strengthening trust in the transition to new pension regulations.

Pension Technology Solutions

Utilising our proprietary digital pension administration platform Timber, we provide robust technology solutions that adapt to changing regulations and seamlessly integrate with or replace other pension administration software.

Data Management and Migration

With Timber as a backbone, our team of pension data experts go beyond mere analysis. We meticulously examine your data from the perspective of historical regulations, identify and correct any past administrative errors, and calculate accurate values to align with current standards.

Managed Pension Operations (DB & DC)

Our managed services encompass a comprehensive range of pension solutions tailored to your specific needs. We cover Defined Benefit (DB) Administrations, Frozen/Closed Book DB Administrations and Defined Contribution (DC) Administrations.

Transformation Leadership in Pensions

Our team comprises recognised pension experts and a dedicated Pension Academy, supported by consultants with vast experience in transformational programs. We lead the way in strategising and implementing changes, focusing on industry best practices and innovative solutions.

Real world experience experts

Our team of experts, equipped with a curated portfolio of leading fintech tools and platforms, provide end-to-end services to overcome financial institutions' most challenging digital, data and regulatory issues.With offices around the world, we work closely with our clients to ensure they effectively and efficiently comply with regulations, simplify operations, reduce costs and innovate their business models.

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Managing alliances and integrations

In the complex landscape of pension management, building strategic alliances and integrating various platforms and systems is essential.
Delta Capita's approach involves:


Strategic Alliances

Forming connections with other pension funds, asset managers, and financial institutions to share expertise, best practices, and resources. We facilitate the collaboration process, ensuring alignment with the overall pension strategy.


Technology Integrations

Seamlessly integrating different pension administration platforms, software tools, and digital interfaces. Whether transitioning to a new system like Timber or integrating existing platforms, our expertise ensures a smooth and effective process.


Participant-centric Approach

Ensuring that all alliances and integrations enhance the participant's experience, providing them with real-time communication, transparency, and control over their pension data.


Regulatory Compliance

Aligning integrations with the new pension system's requirements, ensuring that all alliances and technology solutions comply with the latest regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Our comprehensive management of alliances and integrations fortifies the pension ecosystem, creating a cohesive, efficient and responsive network that adapts to the evolving needs of both the pension providers and participants.

E-Learning Wtp
(Netherlands new pension system)

Delta Capita has developed an E-learning course to support organisations in the pension sector in preparing for the Wtp. Discover the key to a thorough understanding of the new pension world with our Wet toekomst pensioenen (Wtp) E-learning.

The Wtp represents a major change in the pension sector, impacting participants, funds, and administrators. This E-learning course provides you with the essential knowledge needed to prepare for these changes.  With a time investment of 2 to 2.5 hours, the E-learning course offers you the opportunity to understand the changes and your role in this transition to a robust and future-proof employee pension system.

The Wtp E-learning course is created by Wtp experts and can be taken in its standard form or customised to fit your organisation's needs. 
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Delta Capita heeft een E-learning ontwikkeld die organisaties in de pensioensector ondersteunt in het zich voorbereiden op de Wtp.

Ontdek de sleutel tot een goed begrip van de nieuwe pensioenwereld met onze Wet toekomst pensioenen (Wtp) E-learning. De Wtp is de grote verandering in de pensioensector die ingrijpt op deelnemers, fondsen en uitvoerders. De E-learning biedt u de essentiële kennis die u nodig heeft voor de voorbereiding op deze veranderingen. De E-learning, met een tijdsinvestering van 2 à 2,5 uur, geeft u de kans om de wijzigingen te duiden en uw rol te begrijpen in deze transitie naar een robuust en toekomstbestendig werknemerspensioen.

De Wtp E-learning is samengesteld door Wtp-experts en kan zowel in de standaard vorm worden afgenomen als met maatwerk voor uw organisatie. Neem contact met ons op voor meer informatie of een demo.

E-Learning Brochure (Dutch)