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We provide high quality and widely used KYC / AML learning solutions for your business.

We believe that working and learning are inseparable and that everyone in their career should continue to develop on both personal - and business level. This is even more relevant in an ever changing field like KYC / AML. That is why we have established a Delta Capita Academy; to share knowledge and elevate expertise, both internally at Delta Capita as well as for our Clients. We offer various (e-) learning and development programs within the KYC domain, ranging from beginner level to advanced professional. We have a wide range off the shelf specialised courses that are currently used by TIER I banks, but also offer tailor-made training and coaching solutions.
Our Academy is available to anyone who would like to develop and grow within the KYC / AML domain!

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What we do

Delta Capita employs a team of senior KYC practitioners and advisors who bring extensive experience from working in theKYC industry so that we can successfully re-design and co-create (KYC)business- and operating models. Our unique in house KYC Academy ensures domain expertise and strengthens our KYC service offering with experts that have in-depth knowledge of KYC/AML.

Our Experts

David Zwarts

KYC Learning Offering


Tailor made

All our offerings can be tailored to fit your organisations needs and business model



Combination of e-learnings and classroom trainings



Training modules for every KYC skill level



And comprehensive approach


Interactive & Realistic

We believe in an applied learning methodology and offer a combination of e-learnings and classroom trainings where up to date case studies are used


Extensive variety

We offer training modules for every KYC skill level so that learning goals are reached 50% faster than with comparable material


Strong alignment

Between theory and practical applicability



Learning support to identify the learning goals of your KYC organisation



Trainers with in depth national and international KYC experience

DC people
KYC Academy

Independently Certified

We provide the widely used CertifiedCDD Professional Course that ensures KYC / AML professionals have the essential CDD learning experience to be successful in the field of compliance.

An extensive set of CDD e-learnings focusses on the foundations of CDD. During classroom training we bring the e-learning alive by applying interactive learning forms. Finally, we ensure professionals pass the independently certified exam. After successfully passing the exam, the CDD analyst can request access to the quality register of Certified CDD Analysts that includes permanent education options and periodic news updates.

This end-to-end learning solution will generate an extra steep learning curve and provide a kick start for any CDD /AML onboarding program.

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