Pension Transition Services

We reinvent the pension value chain to confront the challenges of the new Dutch pension system, WTP. With a team of industry experts, supported by our state-of-the-art proprietary technology platform Timber, we craft customised solutions for pension funds, asset managers, and pension fund service providers.

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What we do

We partner with our clients to reinvent their existing operating models and considering ways in which our technology and services cab add value in all of their current and future pension administrations.

Our Experts

Walter Schulze
Wouter Pijl

Tackling the challenges of the new pension system

Delta Capita supports clients in preparing for and migrating to the new WTP pension system. Our services encompass data cleansing, migration, and the establishment of a cutting-edge pension administration compatible with both current and new regulations. Backed by an experienced team of pension experts and change managers, we facilitate a smooth transition.

Data Quality & Migration

Adequate data for a smooth transition

Delta Capita constructs a complete pension administration using Timber, considering all historical regulations of our clients' pension funds. This approach not only provides swift insight into structural and incidental discrepancies but also enables the correction of past errors. By recalculating the accurate numbers, we ensure data integrity and a seamless migration to new pension administrations.

Mutualised Managed Service

Customised solutions for seamless defined benefit and defined contribution administrations

A comprehensive range of pension solutions tailored to your specific needs, utilising Timber to collaborate on bespoke solutions. We cover three key areas:

1.    Defined Benefit (DB) Administrations
2.    Frozen/Closed Book DBAdministrations
3.    Defined Contribution (DC)Administrations

Through pension managed services, we help clients achieve operational efficiencies, reduce expenses, and leverage technology cost mutualisation. Our senior practitioners offer deep pension expertise and vast experience in setting up and running efficient operational services, enhancing participant experiences, and adeptly preparing for the evolving future of pension systems.


Introducing Timber for pensions solutions

Transitioning towards the new Dutch pension
system involves intricate complexities. Timber, our cloud-native Pension Administration core and calculation engine, serves as a cornerstone to mitigate the risks associated with this shift.

1.    Stability and Security
2.    Cost-Effective Implementation
3.    Transparent and Accurate
4.    End-to-End Real-Time Communication
5.    Integration Capabilities
6.    Support for DB and DC Administrations

By focusing on the specific needs of pension funds and administration companies, Timber offers a comprehensive, responsive, and transparent technological solution that aligns with the evolving pension ecosystem. Its integration into your strategy paves the way for a smooth, efficient, and participant-centric approach, readying your organization for the challenges and opportunities of the new pension system.