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Client Lifecycle Management

We reinvent the end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management with established Services, led by industry practitioners and supported by an innovative eco-system of our proprietary technology, Karbon, to deliver a quality and cost-efficient solution.

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What we do

We partner with our clients to reinvent their existing operating models by identifying and considering ways in which our technology and services can add value throughout.

Our Experts

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Team Augmentation

Partner with Delta Capita to successfully meet your CLM targets

Delta Capita has a successful track record in scaling KYC (Know your Clients) operations rapidly to deliver KYC projects of the highest quality, in line with client policies and timeframes.

Our trained KYC teams cover all aspects of the client due to diligence review and can be deployed on-site or at one of our managed service centres – either using Delta Capita’s proprietary technology accelerators or, if preferred, the client’s own technology and platform tools.

Clients can also benefit from our remediation and policy uplift capability across several resource models including a ‘price per profile’ arrangement.

Outcome Based Delivery

Team Solutions

Our CLM teams can be deployed to cover end-to-end oversight and delivery of KYC projects. Our experienced teams consist of Analysts, Quality Control, Management and Governance Specialists who partner with clients to help them meet their project deadlines.

A Delta Capita project manager can oversee the execution of the governance framework and guide the delivery.

Delta Capita works with clients to design and implement KYC projects, ensuring timelines are met and projects are successfully completed within budget and with minimal impact on clients’ operating teams.

Mutualised Managed Service

Fully Managed Solution

We can provide flexible managed services solutions utilising our resources and our technology (Karbon), to collaborate with clients on fit-for-purpose solutions.

Through our CLM managed services, clients can achieve efficiencies leading to reduced operating expenses and resources as well as lower Capex requirements from leveraging operational and technology cost mutualisation.

The CLM managed services allows clients to optimise their operating model enhancing the overall client experience.

Led by Senior Practitioners, the KYC team have domain expertise in conducting KYC/AML due diligence across multiple jurisdictions and client types and have a successful track record in ramping up to meet the demands of our clients. We have a dedicated AML policy team to keep abreast of regulatory changes to ensure the service remains compliant with new rules, standards and regulations.

Karbon assets

Work Smarter

The expert-led digital client lifecycle management (CLM) platform empowers financial institutions to automate time-consuming processes and reduce costs.

The Karbon Portal supports our Managed Service with clear case and entity management, integrated with our client outreach and ID&V offerings and full API integration capability. Karbon outreach and ID&V is available as a modular offering, allowing their platform components to be seamlessly integrated into an existing client platform via an API or, if preferred, as a standalone tool to enhance a client’s existing experience.

The Karbon Suite


Karbon Outreach

Enhance your client outreach capability and increase digital penetration. Live with over 80 clients.


Karbon ID&V

Digitise your lifeness and identity verification process at scale and in near real time.


Karbon Portal

Clear case and entity management that supports our CLM Managed Service policy and service.

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Client On-Boarding

Our Client On-Boarding platform offers an efficient and compliant method for Financial Institutions to oversee the client lifecycle process. 

This client lifecycle solutions harnesses top-tier data, technology, and a network of partners. Our strong and adaptable system ensures you are prepared for both present and forthcoming regulatory demands by integrating established best practices, processes, and reliable data throughout the client lifecycle. 

By shortening the duration of client onboarding, we help lower your expenses and accelerate your path to revenue while ensuring compliance with regulations.