Delta Capita launches complete suite of Distributed Ledger solutions

Delta Capita’s MACH Distributed Ledger solution allows Financial Institutions to unlock the power of innovative technology across valuable opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings, improved regulatory compliance and enhanced security.


London, 11 October 2023 – Delta Capita, a leading global capital markets consulting, managed services and technology provider, today announces the launch of its MACH Distributed Ledger product suite to enable the efficient design, implementation and execution of complex transaction processing.

The news follows the announcement in April this year that Delta Capita has acquired distributed ledger technology from SETL to build the next generation capital markets ecosystem, with Montis Group as the anchor client.

The product suite consists of six new DLT solutions spanning across trade settlement, tokenisation, reconciliations, digital asset issuance and custody, KYC and improved interoperability between DLT systems. This includes:

  • MACH Optimise is an easy-to-adopt, scalable and interoperable settlement platform that offers seamless connectivity to traditional financial industry networks such as SWIFT (ISO15022/ISO20022) and emerging distributed ledger programming languages. It is estimated that this solution could reduce current transaction fees by a minimum of 25%.
  • MACH Tokenise is a tokenisation solution that can be deployed to coexist with existing asset or collateral infrastructures. It allows minting, transferring, locking, and burning of tokens while retaining control over the underlying traditional asset pledged against respective tokens.
  • MACH Ledger is a scalable multi-ledger books and records solution capable of processing thousands of transactions per second across millions of client accounts on a single multi-entity instance.
  • MACH Assign is a digital issuance and digital custody solution that enables users to issue digital assets (security or cash tokens) and perform ongoing management throughout the assets lifecycle.
  • MACH Pass is a digital passport solution designed to accelerate KYC checks by providing a decentralised and transparent framework, enabling the creation and secure storage of digital passport records.
  • MACH Bridge is a DLT interoperability solution that provides the capability to connect different DLT platforms to interact, share data, and collaborate seamlessly, overcoming the challenge of having multiple DLT systems operating in silos and creating a more interconnected financial ecosystem.

Philip Coleman, Chief Technology Officer at Delta Capita, comments:
“Today’s launch of MACH is a clear demonstration of Delta Capita’s commitment to reinventing the financial services value chain, and being at the heart of what is an incredibly exciting next chapter for capital markets and technology innovation. We look forward to onboarding both new and existing clients onto our platform and to take their transaction processing to an entirely new level of efficiency.”

Alan Philpot, Chief Product Officer at Delta Capita, adds:
Each of the DLT solutions that we are bringing to market have been uniquely designed to drive significant operational efficiencies, enhanced security, increased liquidity and improved cost savings for our clients. By combining Delta Capita’s MACH technology solutions with our team’s deep technical and consulting expertise, we are ready to help clients meet with ease today’s evolving regulatory and cost reduction demands.”

You can find out more about Delta Capita’s MACH Distributed Ledger solutions here.