Nina Post

Head of Field Management

Nina Post

In her role as Head of Field Management, Nina is responsible for the contact with our internal colleagues and the relationship between them and the client projects they are assigned to.  “People first” is the pillar on which Field management shapes their work. In contact with our colleagues, we contribute to the development and perspective. Together with her team she strives for high engagement and happy people.  

It is her passion to make organisations and people perform sustainably. Through connection, she ensures innovation and strives to achieve optimal results. She is enthusiastic, practical, and thinks in terms of solutions. Connection with all stakeholders forms the basis of her work. It gives her energy when she sees people achieve results with enthusiasm and job satisfaction.  

Nina has gained extensive experience in managing teams at one of the Corporate Banks and has a great deal of affinity with the financial sector. She also serves as chairwomen of the Works Council at Delta Capita.