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Transform how teams collaborate and communicate.

QMA helps teams who use shared inboxes to reply to and resolve internal and external enquiries faster and collaborate as a team more efficiently. Not only does QMA improve the client experience and reduce operational risk, but it ultimately improves the lives of our users and the organization by offering peace of mind.

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What we do

Improve your client experience by reducing enquiry response and resolution times. Leverage data driven insights about team communication to improve productivity and reduce risk.

QMA Use Cases



Teams receiving internal and external communications that require action, response, and/or processing.


Client Service

Teams communicating both internally and externally to support client transaction and enquiries.


Client Onboarding

Teams communicating both internally and externally to onboard clients to new products or solutions.



Teams processing insurance claims and coordinating with internal and external counterparties.

QMA Benefits

Actionable Data Insights

Customisable data and metrics to improve organisation’s client service and process.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Drive team efficiencies by eliminating duplicate work and reducing manual touch-points. All while reducing your risk.

Prioritised Inbox

Key features to help users view and action the ost important inquiries and respond and resolve them faster.

All In One Place

Single integrated platform to manage all forms of communication without needing to toggle to monitor various communication channels.

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Communication transformation starts here.

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