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Reinventing the workplace: Trans Day of Remembrance

Delta Capita is committed to building a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees, which includes supporting our LGBTQIA+ colleagues. As Trans Day of Remembrance approaches we look at why crime against transgender people continues and how we can help with support and allyship.


Erik made the shift from a career in Education to Finance three years ago, being involved in compliance work.

Erik Zetterberg

This 20 November marks the 25th Trans Day of Remembrance, on which we honour victims of transphobic violence and encourage a more tolerant future. Though we live in kinder times compared to earlier decades, transphobia persists.

Victims of crime

In 2021, UCLA Williams Institute found transgender individuals were four times more likely to fall victim to violent crime than those who identify with their gender assigned at birth.

Earlier this year saw the highly publicised story of Brianna Ghey who faced bullying and harassment because of her gender identity. Even after her death, Brianna remained a victim of transphobia. Newspapers announced her death using her deadname - a birth name changed during gender transition - and only removed it after a public backlash.

Brianna is also deadnamed on her death certificate due to the UK’s Gender Recognition Act 2004, a law criticised by the Scottish Government and the European Commission as outdated, intrusive, and overly restrictive. Because of this law and because Brianna had only socially transitioned, she was denied legal recognition by her chosen name and gender.

How we can be allies to trans people?

Small actions might seem to have little effect, but we should not underestimate consistency and conviction. Visible demonstrations of tolerance can snowball quickly.

You can show support by offering what time and resources you can to help charities like the Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention in LGBTQIA+ communities; or Mermaids, which supports gender variant and transgender youth.

You can also support trans-positive policies, practices and allyship; and seek the advice of experts on LGBTQIA+ issues.

Tackling bigotry

Attending events in support of transgender people is a great way to build that first step in personal connection. The following media are also worth watching as a window into the lives and experiences of transgender people:

· Disclosure - Netflix documentary examining Hollywood's depiction of transgender people and impact on the trans community

· Page Boy - A memoir by actor Elliot Page, covering subjects from chasing secret affairs to battling body image and working through his difficult childhood

· The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice, by Shon Faye - explores how issues of social class, employment, housing insecurity, police violence, and sex work affect trans people

· Pose - TV series about 1980s and ‘90s New York ball culture, the gay and trans community, and the AIDS crisis.

Support from Delta Capita

We want all our employees to feel safe and included, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, background or beliefs.

This kind of support generally helps employees feel happier and healthier and have more sense of belonging at work.