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Reinventing support in the workplace: International Women's Day

As we approach International Women's Day, it's essential to reflect on the journey of women around the world with IWD 2024’s theme of 'Inspire Inclusion'. It is also the fifth SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) which focuses on achieving gender equality and women empowerment by 2030.


Amrita has cross-industry experience in delivering and managing Business and Technology services within Global Investment Banks, FinTech, Insurance, SMEs, and Software Industries.

Amrita Ramya Budati
Senior Consultant

From breaking barriers to championing change, women have continuously reshaped societies, economies, and cultures. This year's Women's Day is more than just a commemoration, it's a recognition of the enduring resilience, fortitude, and indomitable spirit exhibited by women across the globe. We stand on the shoulders of the brave women who fought for our rights in the past. Their courage and determination has paved the way for the progress we enjoy today.

Coming to the present, women still face systemic barriers, discrimination, and violence in various forms. It is crucial to acknowledge the intersectional challenges that disproportionately affect women of colour, LGBTQ+ women, women with disabilities, and marginalised communities. Our voices and experiences must be amplified and addressed in our pursuit of equality.

To strengthen these causes, we have interesting insights, themes and experiences shared by Delta Capita women from across our different locations globally.

Organisations should aim to provide a flexible work environment for working mothers and caregivers

When it comes to organisations providing better support to working mothers and caregivers in creating a more equitable work environment, there should be a consideration for every day factors like school runs and flexible meeting schedules. Companies must ensure that standardised support is given to women and should not just consider these factors as personal commitments. Organisations should factor this whilst in whilst planning return-to-work policies.

Carla Roper, VP, CLM People, London, UK shares that “mothers and primary caregivers in work spin a lot of plates and emotional support can be very helpful. I found Delta Capita's Employee Assistance Programme to be an extremely useful and free resource when I needed it.” Carla outlines the importance for clients to understand such situations, and she shares her contentment with working with various thoughtful clients at Delta Capita.

Women should understand their value compass, acknowledge differentiators and find the key to gaining constant inspiration in organisations

When asked about what inspires women to work for a company, some explain that simply stepping out of the house for work is inspirational in itself. The shift in this mindset is what Priya Agarwal, AVP, CLM People, Bengaluru, India, says about finding inspiration in the presence of equal opportunities, and she emphasises on having a robust learning platform coupled with a supportive growth culture. Priya also shares that at Delta Capita, she is “fortunate to have access to all these elements, fostering an environment where my talents are respected and nurtured.”

Young women professionals should possess a flexible mindset, along with the courage to voice your opinions and embody your skillset

As young women entering the workforce, we have a lot of aspirations and fresh energy to deliver with hard work and perseverance. Channelling these actions accurately during the early years of work is very important, as they influence your decision-making in the long run. Sharing her own experiences, Natalia Natinoh, Regional HR BusinessPartner, APAC, Singapore advises young women to “cultivate self-belief, pursue opportunities without hesitation, and build strong networks for support and mentorship.”

Women can drive D&I Initiatives forward by leveraging their influence, advocacy and leadership aiming for a positive organisational change

Planning D&I initiatives opens up a creative approach by embracing different opinions, contexts, and bringing women from different backgrounds closer with equal representation. This immensely contributes to promoting innovation and problem-solving. Jaleesa Dixon, AVP, New York, US says that by having active involvement of women as leaders and advocates for diversity, we can “create an inclusive culture that attracts top talent and reflects the diverse nature of today's financial landscape.”

Acknowledging setbacks earlier, developing resilience and seeking guidance from your team will earn you extra brownie points for your career!

Curiosity to understand businesses, especially new industries and projects is quite adventurous. However, this equally increases the possibility of facing hidden challenges, tangent actions and unclear lines of work. When facing such situations, Nisha Vinall, HR Administrator, UK recommends women to steer their thoughts towards observing and getting inspiration from people around you, from your colleagues.

Nisha shares how the encouragement and support from the women on her team has propelled her towards a career in HR, helped in shaping her skills and experiences, and underscoring the importance of supportive networks and self-belief in navigating her career pathways. “Challenges of the unknown are present in every opportunity in life, but the right support networks and self-confidence enable you to believe everything in life”.

Where are we today, how did we evolve?

Madhvi Tailor, Global Network Head, London, UK, says that “Over the years, the workplace for women, especially in technology, has seen significant positive changes, with increased participation, flexible work arrangements aiding work-life balance, and heightened awareness leading to advocacy for gender equality.” Madhvi also conveys that challenges persist, and achieving full parity, especially in leadership roles, remains a work in progress!

In 2024, we have a closer connection with AI, Technology, Medicine, Science, History and Education. We as women came here with incredible dedication and determination in bringing quantifying impact year by year in various organisations and sectors of society. Yet, a lot of women work harder than required for maintaining their quality and strive to prove themselves to be better. Let’s ensure we retrospect on factors such as inclusion, mental health, physical stability and emotional balance in life.

At Delta Capita, we promote the Women Interactive Network (DC WIN) committee, whose vision stands in achieving gender balance and inclusion, and with a mission to collaborate and promote the benefits of gender balance.


Together, let's continue striving for a world where every woman and girl can live free from discrimination and oppression - a world where equality is not just a dream but a reality we all share.

It is now the time to inspire others to value women's worth, fostering empowerment and belonging, and collectively forge a more inclusive world. Join the International Women's Day (IWD) by supporting and advancing women, as everyone can inspire inclusion.


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