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Reinventing support in the workplace for parents: Father's Day

Delta Capita want to do everything we can to sustain employee success. This includes supporting colleagues who are fathers, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to do it.Pancham Taneja, regional


Delta Capita want to do everything we can to sustain employee success. This includes supporting colleagues who are fathers, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to do it.
Pancham Taneja, regional head - India at Delta Capita, looks at the day and what it means to working fathers; and explores the huge difference a supportive employer can make to family life.

Everyone likes to be appreciated and fathers are no exception.
These silent soldiers need a pat on the back, a good meal or drink, and a nice relaxing day to feel appreciated. Father’s Day is the perfect time to do it.
Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to recognise the contribution fathers and father figures make to their children’s lives. Although different countries celebrate it on various dates, many have Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, which falls on the 19th this year.
Being a father to two children - currently aged 10 and 12 - is a full-time job with no breaks on the weekend. Tending to the kids usually makes weekends more hectic than weekdays.

Father’s Day is a time to appreciate the efforts fathers make for their families, and I look forward to it as my kids have grown up to recognise special days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
They make a super effort to make it special in their way - whether it’s with a handmade card, discreetly buying a present, or my daughter’s baking.

Hybrid work
Delta Capita has supported me with working from home and hybrid arrangements, which has allowed me to spend lots of quality time with my kids and get involved in their daily routine. Flexible working has been a blessing as it has enabled me to juggle things more easily to work around my family life.
It has enabled me to become my kids’ handyman - fixing everything from the internet to desks and chairs. I have also been able to help them with homework, even on a busy work day.
If you have a video call with me, you will see lots of animal and bird prints in the background as my kids’ workspace is adjacent to mine, and I want them to feel the study is as much theirs as mine.

Working from home has also allowed me to pursue new hobbies. I became a YouTube chef and my kids have grown so fond of my cooking that they now give me a weekend menu to cater to. This includes their favourite apple cinnamon pancake, and homemade naan bread with a typical Indian curry.

Flexibility at work
Having flexibility at work is fantastic when you have a spouse who also works and travels often for work. Now schools are back offline, I can pick my kids up from the bus stop in the afternoons, and they share their day at school with me on our walk home. It also allows me to spend more time on activities with my kids, like cycling and swimming together.

As a working father, I feel supported by Delta Capita. I encourage all young fathers, or fathers to be, to speak to their managers and understand how DC could help with flexibility in your new and exciting parenting journey.

Supporting families at Delta Capita
Delta Capita want all our employees to feel included, regardless of their background, beliefs, or family situation. We support and encourage staff to allocate time for their families and create structures to facilitate that where we can.

We also encourage employees to allocate time to supporting causes they believe in or identify with; to their cultural and religious practices; and to their physical and mental wellbeing.
Employees that feel supported in these activities generally feel healthier, happier, and have more sense of belonging and engagement at work.

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