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Reinventing hybrid work: five tips for remote and hybrid workers to feel more engaged

The start of the year is a good time to reflect on what we have learnt about remote and hybrid working over the last three years and how they should evolve. We spend around a third of our time


The start of the year is a good time to reflect on what we have learnt about remote and hybrid working over the last three years and how they should evolve.

We spend around a third of our time working, during which we regularly interact with colleagues and clients. Most of us feel connected through conversations about topics such as food, travel, sport, and lifestyle - even if it is only for two minutes in an online meeting.

Employees tend to interact and listen more effectively when business discussions or team meetings are followed by light chat and humour. It helps us develop more trust and find common interests. Ultimately, these connections help us improve learning and creativity, and cultivate an active community among ourselves and with clients.

In the new hybrid style of work, it’s essential employees keep sharing stories, memories, and hobbies with their groups.

But to have a similar impact in a wider group can be harder. For those working in consultancies and service organisations, maintaining strong internal and external connections can be particularly challenging.

Delta Capita, one of the UK’s Top five financial services consulting firms, has always been determined to enrich all employees’ work environments - remote or hybrid - to help them connect across regions. To accomplish this, DC organises meetings, such as project get-togethers, weekly learning sessions, panel discussions, cultural nights, online quizzes, and mental and physical wellness sessions.

We promote wellbeing through access to experts and advisers, and driving an open and transparent culture that helps us identify the best way to support each colleague. From recent graduates to experienced managers, applying these tips below should help you feel closer to your working group and transform your work style. That should in turn help you discover new opportunities and talents, and allow more professional development.

Attend people committee presentations and events

As DC, these committee events explain and underpin each speaker’s vision, initiatives and motivations to their colleagues. You should find these events beneficial in terms of practical advice, inspiration, learning opportunities and networking.

Improve community connections

One of the main challenges in a hybrid workstyle is that there may be less scope for sharing and communication in groups. To address this, block out five hours a month, or one hour per week, for improving your community connections. Attending sessions like yoga or the fintech series will help you engage regularly with internal team members, and feel more part of a like-minded clan.

If you are in a hybrid team, joining a physical group such as badminton or football will help you gel better with colleagues when you meet online.

Get involved in social initiative groups

To drive change and become a leader, get involved in one of DC’s social initiative groups - such as our diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing groups, or our Pride Committee. Or, if in a hybrid team, get more involved in your football or yoga group for example. This is useful if you want to represent and lead groups, or just if you want to share your thoughts and ideas.

Check your colleagues’ health regularly

If a colleague is unwell, ensure they get enough support. If anyone in a remote team feels disconnected, reach out to them proactively and perhaps share some suggestions for improving mental health. Continue to provide emotional assistance where required.

Sensitively keep your team aware of each member’s situation and needs, so they have enough time to process and adjust projects if necessary. Another of DC’s core values is to approach all situations with kindness - to yourself, your colleagues, the company and the planet. ​

Organise team socials

Too much screen talk can be tiresome, so organise socials where possible. If your team works remotely, organise regular team lunches and other social events online and get them together for face-to-face socials when possible. Seek feedback and suggestions on these events and improve where necessary.

Support from Delta Capita

One of DC’s core values is collaborating for better outcomes and supporting each other to succeed - we win together.​

We want all our employees to feel included, regardless of their background, beliefs, or where they work. Employees that feel supported feel happier, and have more sense of belonging and engagement at work.

DC also prioritise mental and physical health through initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness sessions, ‘Time to Talk’ discussions, and mindfulness meditation sessions.

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