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Reinventing diversity in the workplace: Bisexual Visibility Day

Delta Capita does everything we can to create an inclusive workplace, which includes supporting our LGBTQIA+ colleagues. As Bisexual Visibility Day approaches, Analyst Keyla Berressem looks at the day, what it means, and how we can all support bisexual colleagues.


Keyla joined Delta Capita in November 2020. Prior to joining Delta Capita, Keyla completed three law degrees. She now works with top-tier investment banks as a consultant.

Keyla Berressem

23rd September is Bisexual Visibility Day and there will be a host of events around the world celebrating bisexuality and challenging erasure and stereotypes. This day was created in 1999 to recognise the bisexual community and promote learning about the difficulties many of its members face.

A bisexual person - often referred to as bi - can form physical, romantic, and emotional attractions to people of genders like their own, and genders unlike their own. Bisexuals face being labelled with several stereotypes including greedy, promiscuous, incapable of monogamy, and unable to make their minds up.

People also frequently dismiss bisexual identity as something that doesn’t exist. This is called ‘bi erasure’ and we hold events such as Bi Visibility Day to counter such attitudes.

The impact of stereotyping

Another problem bisexual people face is that they are often told to ‘pick a side’. Bi-women can be viewed as straight. But bisexual men can be seen as going through a phase on the way to coming out as gay.

Bisexuals who haven’t been in a same-sex relationship may be told they are faking it and pressured into proving they are bi. These stereotypes are extremely harmful to the bisexual community and can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. Only one in five bi people (20%) have come out compared to three in five gay men and lesbians (63%), according to research by Stonewall.

Supporting bisexuals in the workplace

Bisexual inclusion in the workplace is especially important but continues to be a challenge for many employers. If employees suffer discrimination or feel they must hide who they are, that can negatively impact mental health and wellbeing, and individual engagement and retention at work.

You can show your support and be an ally to the bi community by believing and supporting their identity, not making assumptions based on current or previous partners, and challenging biphobia when you see or hear it.

Challenge your own ideas, beliefs, and any biases you hold. Use inclusive language and don’t assume someone’s identity. Speak up when you hear inappropriate jokes, and support and uplift the bisexual people you know.

Bisexuality is a beautiful thing that lets you love people for who they are, regardless of their gender. There are many famous bisexual people, including Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, Frank Ocean, Stephanie Beatriz, and David Bowie.

Bisexuality has a pride flag - the pink represents attraction to the same sex only, the blue to the opposite sex only, and the purple to all genders.

Support from Delta Capita

We want all our colleagues to feel safe and included - whatever their sexual orientation, identity, background or beliefs. We encourage staff to support each other in these areas; and spend time on their physical and mental wellbeing too.

Employees who feel such support generally feel healthier, more contented, and have more sense of fitting in and engagement in the workplace.

Watch this video about Delta Capita’s support for LGBTQIA+ colleagues. If you work for us, you can even join our Pride Committee.