Navigating the Tides: The Future of Financial Services Regulations in 2024 and Beyond

The banking & financial services industry stands at the beginning of a very busy regulatory agenda for 2024 and beyond, as a complex cross-border regulatory landscape emerges, promising both challenges and opportunities.


Karan Kapoor is a Capital Markets and Banking Change Professional.

Karan Kapoor
Global Head of Regulatory and Risk Consulting

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Banks will need to adapt and evolve to meet the moving target that is regulatory compliance, navigating through increased scrutiny on various topics such as Risk Management, Consumer Centricity, Reporting Transparency, Resilience and Sustainability.

Consumer Centricity: Banks need to win over the average consumer.

Consumer protection remains a top priority. Regulations will increasingly focus on ensuring fair and transparent practices, particularly in areas like lending, data use, and algorithmic decision-making. Building trust in a digital age will be crucial, requiring banks to prioritise transparency, ethical data practices, and robust redressal mechanisms. Focus on Insurance firms and Motor Finance firms is also expected to rise.

More Transparency: Regulatory Reporting undergoing an overhaul.

The regulatory reporting agenda is busy across multiple geographies. Regulators are demanding more transparency and better data quality across key changes in reporting regimes such as EMIR, CFTC, MAS, ASIC. Banks need to remain technically and operationally nimble to cope.

The race for efficiency: Preparing for CSDR Refit and T+1

The gas on the pedal for efficiency is in full throttle. With CSDR REFIT and T+1 conversations occupying most confirmations among teams within Settlements and Trading Operations. We expect this to be an area of huge opportunity for Banks as they prepare to take advantage of some of the newest pieces of technology on offer in 2024.

Heightened Vigilance: Focus on Risk

Banks can expect a heightened regulatory scrutiny on internal Risk Management Framework. Rising interest rates, geopolitical tensions, and a potential economic slowdown have regulators on high alert. Banks will face closer inspection of their capital adequacy, liquidity requirements, and risk management practices, particularly for rate-sensitive assets and overextended borrowers. The focus will be on proactively addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring stability in the face of potential shocks.

Tech Tide Rising: Embracing Innovation whilst balancing Resilience.

Technological innovation continues to reshape the financial landscape. Open banking, digital assets, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the waves banks are learning to ride. While regulators are keen to foster innovation, they are also wary of the potential risks these technologies pose. Topics such as Operational Resilience, DORA, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity will keep on top of radar.

Staying ahead of the curve: How Delta Capita Help?

The team at Delta Capita support clients stay ahead through:

Proactive Compliance
: Our teams constantly scan the horizon to assess the impacts new and changes to existing regulations bring for our clients. Our SMEs can advise clients on the most optimal compliance approaches and policies across, often competing for budget, regulatory obligations.

Technology Adoption
: We help our clients identify, select, and adopt the latest and cutting-edge technology solutions to help with their Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management from automation and robotics to AI and digital assets.

But most importantly, DC work closely with regulators, industry peers and associations to help promote active collaboration to find joint answers to industries most pressing regulatory challenges.

This article and our annual regulatory timeline was created by Karan Kapoor, Karolina Dutkiewicz, Yemi Fadare and Claire Suttie.

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