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Instant Real Time Payments - Implementation Consideration Guide

RTP has been gaining popularity in recent years as a convenient and efficient way to transfer funds between P2B, P2P and B2B payment segments. Every bank’s payment ecosystem is different and there is no one-size-fits-all implementation strategy. Successful banks identify existing constraints and best practices and tailor them to address their consumer needs.


Mahesh is an experienced MBA & Payments Professional, leading transformation programs for the payments landscape at top-tier banks and transforming legacy payment processing applications.

Mahesh Selvaraj
Payments Director

RTP has been gaining popularity in recent years as a convenient and efficient way to transfer funds between P2B, P2P and B2B payment segments. It's important to note that each bank's payment ecosystem is unique, and a one-size-fits-all implementation strategy does not exist. Successful banks recognise the specific limitations and best practices within their systems and tailor them accordingly to meet the requirements of their customers.

This comprehensive guide provides the fundamental implementation considerations that most banks would need to consider while implementing realtime payments. It covers crucial aspects such as “Payment Processing”, “Controls”, and provides key differences between TCH RTP and FEDNOW in US region.

Read our full guide here.

Looking to Have an Impact Assessment completed on Instant/Real-Time Payments?

Significant and complex internal changes are on the horizon for banks because of Instant Payments implementation. Being aware of the magnitude of these changes is imperative and an assessment by our experts will be an effective way to get started on the journey.

  • Our Industry SMEs have ‘been there and done it’:  Delta Capita has extensive experience in strategic reviews and readiness/impact assessments. We have carried out an impact assessment for various Global Tier 1 & 2 banks over the last two years.  
  • We bring together specialist consultants with years of payments and banking industry experience: Delta Capita has a knowledgeable payments team led by subject matter experts with many decades of industry experience across market infrastructures, financial institutions and technology.
  • We are thought leaders with practical experience in the ever-changing payment transformation space: From advising top-tier banks on their current technology and commercial strategy to working with existing and new market infrastructure initiatives and their early adopter communities.

How Delta Capita can help

Delta Capita’s unique market position allows us to bring insight, skills and capacity to help solve your pain points as the payments market evolves. This is all supported by our experience working with financial market infrastructures, sell and buy side, and technology companies - and across our domains of expertise. Our vast experience and coverage mean we can craft bespoke solutions to help you maximise commercial benefits from the ongoing tumultuous changes in the banking industry.

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