From Penalties to Precision: T+1 as the Catalyst for Post-Trade Efficiency

Delta Capita, in collaboration with Xceptor and SSImple, invites you to a Fireside Chat discussing the imminent shift from the T+2 settlement cycle to a T+1 model, exploring its impact on transaction processing, risk management, and capital utilisation within the financial ecosystem. The chat aims to dissect the challenges and opportunities arising from this transformative change, providing invaluable insights for industry stakeholders.


The impending transition from the T+2 to T+1 settlement cycle marks a pivotal moment in the financial industry's evolution. While promising enhanced operational efficiency, reduced counterparty risks, and optimised capital usage, this shift necessitates substantial technological investments, robust risk frameworks, and collaborative efforts among market participants.

Join us to explore strategies for adaptation, key preparatory steps, and the imperative need for proactive engagement to navigate this paradigm shift effectively.

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