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Delta Capita Launches New Technology Breakfast Series

London, 10th May 2022 - Delta Capita, a global capital markets consulting, managed services and technology provider, today announces the launch of its new Technology Breakfast Series.


London, 10th May 2022 - Delta Capita, a global capital markets consulting, managed services and technology provider, today announces the launch of its new Technology Breakfast Series that will run throughout June and July.

The series will consist of six in-person sessions in the heart of Canary Wharf at Plateau – a favourite dining venue with panoramic views. The sessions will be hosted by the lead of each product and showcase Delta Capita’s proprietary and key technology from their DC Labs (Delta Capita Labs) which includes Klarion, Karbon, Elev8, Equia, Omnia and 1TX.

Cutting-edge technology, people and expertise, and the capital to invest are what differentiates Delta Capita who are unique in the industry with their capabilities as they solve client’s business problems inside their infrastructure and through technology. Delta Capita helps clients to reduce costs and improve process and technology by moving them away from their existing propriety models towards mutualised managed services, enabling a healthier and more performant business.

With a unique combination of experience in financial services and capability in technology innovation, Delta Capita design and develop new services and tools and leverage the substantial FinTech portfolio from their parent company, Prytek. Through Prytek, companies from different industry sectors operate jointly in one ecosystem benefiting from cross-collaboration and the latest technologies to ensure fast growth and joint go-to-market efforts.

The series will highlight how Delta Capita’s innovation and technology capability can help clients to reinvent digital servicing by offering digital platforms that deliver effortless customer journeys. As the world continues to settle into the ‘new normal’ way of interacting with customers, the importance of digital processes to drive efficiency and the value of retaining the human touch in emotionally charged journeys are now more prevalent than ever.

George Xenoudakis, Global Head Technology Solutions at Delta Capita said, “Over the last couple of years technology has become an absolute necessity in financial services, to continue operating efficiently in the ‘new normal’. At Delta Capita, we assist our clients with critical technology that enables them to digitise their current analogue processes, transform their operations and improve their service. This will be a very exciting series of concise and informative breakfast events. We’re looking forward to showcasing our cutting-edge technology and demonstrating how we can add value for our clients in areas such as customer experience, risk, CLM and cyber security”.

Gary McClure, CEO CLM at Delta Capita commented, “As part of Delta Capita’s strategy of reinventing the financial services value chain, the role of technology is a critical component of the solutions. We are delighted to be hosting a series of informative and pragmatic technology sessions to showcase how technology can help solve challenging business problems with industry practitioners. The technology series provides a unique opportunity to gain access to technology over an informal breakfast and a great opportunity for clients to network with their peers”.

If you are interested in attending this roundtable and would like to find out more information, please contact CMO Delta Capita, Leeya Hendricks at Leeya.Hendricks@deltacapita.com